Working Together

Our focus from day one has been on providing the best work environment for employees and the most personalized experience for customers and carriers in the industry. Work with us, and you are family!

Whether it’s high-volume freight, project needs, or an occasional spot, respect and relationships drive every step of our processes.  Let us put our transportation network to work for you!

Responsibility is the “ability to respond.” Our team responds with eagerness and integrity.  There has never been a better time to partner with a team of logistics specialists that can help your company successfully weather volatility in market conditions.


Why use a transportation intermediary?

Does your business have productivity & efficiency challenges that keep you bogged down with issues? Do you struggle to find the time to deal with the intricacies of freight management? Are you short-staffed? Or do you just need more capacity?

Using a transportation intermediary is an added layer of accountability and protection that opens you up to a network of freight solutions at no extra cost.

At Portage, we are an extension of your logistics team. Our customers enjoy a single point of contact, and benefit from our extensive experience and perspective for solutions to their toughest shipping challenges.


Offering old school customer service with cutting-edge technology

With most of the logistics companies moving towards no-touch freight transactions, we feel there is a great risk of dehumanizing the process of freight movement.

Relationships have, and always will, drive the process of successful supply-chain execution.  Our strong relationships, coupled with the same back-end technologies that drive industry leaders, allow us to blend transactional accountability with volume efficiencies.

Even with the evolving challenges in today’s supply chain environment, you don’t have to leave your fulfillment to chance!

Power Only Transport.
Power Only Transport.


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The Dry Van is the most common trailer on the roads today.  It is fully enclosed and can accommodate any product that can be loaded from the dock and falls within the dimensions described below.
Reefer trailers can keep product warm or cold. They are also used to keep the environment dry to prevent any corrosion during transit.  Most commonly, a refrigerated trailer is used for perishable items or items that need to be kept from freezing in the winter months.
Open deck trailers allow for loading from the back, sides or overhead.  They are great for any situation where dock access is not available.
Portage works with a dedicated team of power unit drivers.  For our customers we provide only the power unit and driver, and the customer provides the trailer.  In some cases, Portage is also able to provide the trailer pool to service certain lanes and equipment types.
We supporting import and export. moves throughout the continuous 48 states. We work with over 150 warehouses and 500 drayage providers around the country supporting import and export moves throughout the continuous 48 states. Options for US, Canada and Mexico
Wide? Tall? Heavy?  Specialized transit is anything that doesn’t legally fit onto a flatbed or into a typical van. Double Drops, RGN (Removable Goose Neck), Extended and Low Profile are all equipment types that are commonly used in specialized transit.