Current Carriers

Thank you to our carriers! Over the course of the past two years, you’ve stepped up to the plate and delivered on the promises we’ve made to our customers. Your loyalty and professionalism are greatly appreciated by your team here at Portage.

We believe in a business model that brings back operating in good faith. A model that thrives because of a belief in a win-win scenario for all parties, and relationships that are built on trust and dependability. Thank you to our current drivers for operating in this same manner. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you!

If you are an approved carrier in our network and looking to book your capacity, call our operations team at 800-865-5039.

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Over Dimensional Freight transportation | Portage Logistics, LLC.
Our focus from day one has been on providing the best work environment for employees and the most personalized experience for customers and carriers in the industry. Work with us, and you are family! Carrier.


Carrier Questions & Resources

To submit an invoice for payment, please send your POD and corresponding invoice to

Quick Pay is available for carriers that have successfully delivered ten loads with us.

To request Quick Pay on a load, please email the completed Quick Pay Agreement to

Quick Pay Agreement